17 February 2018 Saturday
3:56 PM

Oneida Lake View Webcam

North Shore Cam

Enjoy the View!

OneidaLakeView.com webcam in the NewsChannel 9 WSYR Storm Team Forecast, 4/2/2010.

Rescue on Oneida Lake 3/13/2010 from News Channel 9: Click here for story.

Check out this video of a Bernhards Bay resident ice sailing on Sodus Bay, NY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TG9AI5ICw3g

Check out 2 great shots taken by a Bernhards Bay resident while on vacation. Click here:Saranac Lake

Please click here to visit the image gallery if the cam is down.

Webcam powered by Dorgem

new to this site

Very nice Cam. I live just north of Cleveland in the summer. RV to Fla for the winter. Nice to have a cam to view so I can keep in touch. Keep up the good work Phil

Is the lake frozen over?

Is the lake frozen over? I can't tell if I see open water or if it is the reflection of the clouds on the ice. Lou

Is the lake frozen over?

It's pretty cold but still open water.

Sylvan Beach

Hi,we are the Money's of-- Money's Midway --of the Beach back in the 50's and 60's We are in our 70's now but have been returning every summer to visit.Love the cam pic's We now live in Florida.You may e-mail us if you'd like.We used to lived right next to the Canal View Rest but home is now gone We had a great view of lake and canal and really know what winter was like .Nice job-- The Money's


When do you take out your dock?



Last year it was out Labor Day Weekend. Put it in late this year and thinking about doing some fall night fishing. Probably should get it out soon before it gets iced in.  Is summer over already?


Dock's out.

New to lake


I'm new to Oneida Lake and am thrilled to have found this web cam. Thanks for making it available.

Our lake home is a second home for us, so being able to see lake conditions is very comforting. :-)

Quick question on ice conditions. When does the lake typically freeze over? We're into ice fishing and snowmobiling and want to know when it's generally safe to go out.

Thanks in advance!


New to Lake

Thank you for the kind words about the web cam. Please take a few minutes and make sure you browse around the rest of the site; there are links to other webcams, weather links, maps, charts, and a fishing report which has ice fishing information when the season arrives.
Last winter there were ice fishermen out in mid January but there really is no such thing as "safe ice." If you choose to venture out be aware of thin areas near flowing water. Some years the lake doesn't completely freeze over and there are areas of open water throughout the winter.

Great Memories of God's Country

In the early 1950's my family lived on Johnson Road (white clapboard house on the right just past the old train tracks). A magical place, indeed. My big sister and I used to walk down to the road (which used to be called Nichols Road) with hands full of raw oatmeal to feed the wild pheasants. Amazingly they had no fear and would eat right out of our hands! And when the LeVielles would ride to our house from their farm across the road, their horses would peer into our dining room window all to the delight of this, then, four year old. When winter would arrive Dad would load the "portable" garage on to a flatbed and move it from the top of the hill down to the road so he could get get the car out to go to work at GE, Electronics Park. During the warmer months Mom, my sister and I used to go down to the lake where family friends had a camp and I remember the "squishy" feeling between my toes as we waded out into the chilly lake waters - no more than waist high, of course, and the abundance of fireflies after the sun set. Thirty years later, we all returned for a reunion of the "North Shore Five" (Dad's commuting buddies) at Kempwyck and the North Shore was still enchanting. As I sit at my computer in Northern Virginia, I think it's time for another visit and another dose of magic . . .

Very nice picture. I just

Very nice picture. I just got past the urge to buy a boat - I now have the itch again!

Oneida Lake

I have a lot of memories of Oneida lake. My grandparents had a camp between Bernhards Bay and Cleveland. I used to walk to what used to be the General store/post office and get my cut-out paper dolls. My last visit I noticed it has been has been renovated and is now an antique store. Do they have a web site?


I love going to Oneida. I especially like catching pickerel all day. Where did all the bass and walleye go?

Oneida Lake View

I love this. I lived on Oneida Lake (Mrs. Smith's Liquor Store) for many years. I would suggest adding a camera to have this view and possibly a closer one during the months where weather allows.  I love Oneida Lake.

Linda Kimball Alexander

Hi Linda, I've been trying to get in touch with you again! I finally googled your name and ended up at this fantastic webcam! I just hope you get this message. My email address is: charleenday at centurytel.net
I'm on facebook, and there is a site for "I Grew up in Cleveland,NY. It's a good way to connect with our childhood friends.
Hope all is well,

Your site & web cam

Awesome site and web cam! What a beautiful site you picked for the web cam. You won't believe how many sailors call me at our sail shop about lake conditions on the lake before they travel down to the lake to go sailing. We have a view of the lake on the south shore. Now we can direct them to the web cams. What a great idea. Is it ok if we put a link on our website www.southshorenautical.com to your site? Thanks

Your site & web cam

Thank you for the kind words, Stan. We have been considering moving the cam closer to the water for a better view of the wave action but there seems to be a small group that would like the cam to remain in its current location; keep responding to the poll!
If you are linking to the site or just viewing the picture remember that conditions on Oneida Lake can change in minutes.
Enjoy the View!

Closer camera?

I like the webcam and I am calmed by the tranquility of the scene. I am wondering though if the property is occupied because I never see anyone enjoying it and I was also wondering if it is possible to get the webcam closer to the water? Maybe right at the waters edge to see the wave action or a ruler in the water see the actual height? How deep is the water in the view? --Target

Closer camera?

Thank you for the comment. The cam is on private property and the occupants are kind of shy.  If you are patient and look through the Oneida Lake View photo gallery you might catch a glimpse of one of them, their pets, or their guests. We would like to have a better view of the waves by boating and sailing season; stay tuned.  The water is about three feet deep 100 feet out and then gradually drops from there. Check out the NOAA chart and zoom in between Bernhards Bay and Cleveland for a better idea of the bottom contour.


Am living in Oklahoma for the past 19 years and missing home more and more as I get older. My sister sent me the link , thanks Donna ... this is awesome. We are in the end of the ice storm here. NO ONE but NO ONE has a clue here, bless their hearts... I miss New York!

Missing Upstate Snow

My son just moved back from Oklahoma.  Had miserable ice storms (one ruining his car).  He prefers snowboarding and I prefer snowmobiling to anything down there.  Hope you get back up here someday.

I live in Florida but visit

I live in Florida but visit my parents who have a home on the south side of the lake, near Borio's.  This site is great because I can check the weather conditions.  Should be coming across the lake on Friday on my snowmobile!  This new snow should help.  Thanks! 

I love your view of the lake...

I love your view of the lake. I have a camp at MARION MANOR. It looks like someone went through your yard. Did they go ice fishing? Has the fishing been good? I am thinking about coming up in a week or so.


I have a camp at Marian Manor also. Who are you?

Ice fishing

Just a couple of snowmobilers. Haven't been out fishing yet but there are a lot of shanties out here on the north shore so the fishing must be good. Thanks for visiting the webcam page. If anyone has a fishing report feel free to post it here or in the forums: http://forums.oneidalakeview.com/

Thanks for the cam

We live in Florida now but had lived in Cleveland for 14 years, thanks for providing a reminder of the beauty of the North Shore.

Looks like a nice snowy day.

Looks like a nice snowy day. We're sunny and expecting a high of 68, which is cold for Kissimmee.
What happened to the icicles?


Sorry about the icicles. I took the big ones down to protect the window. Looks like there are a few little ones starting. Today it was in the mid twenties; the warmest it has been all week. The cold temperatures should make the ice fishermen happy. There are about five ice shanties in view of the web cam but you can't really make them out unless you know they're there.

Ice Thickness

Does anyone know how thick the ice is on Oneida Lake

Ice Thickness

We just published a page from the Central New York Ice Racing Association that posts ice reports from area bodies of water. The Oneida Lake report appears to be off the shore of the former John's Bayside. Here is a link: http://oneidalakeview.com/CNYIRA+Ice+Thickness
Please remember; conditions are constantly changing and there is no such thing as safe ice.
The page can also be found by hovering your mouse over the Weather link at the top of this page; a dropdown menu will appear with the link to the ice thickness report and other weather related pages.

Im sitting here in my office

Im sitting here in my office in the South West of England in the county of Devon. What a lovely view, I'd love to be there.

Oneida Lake

I moved away 32 years ago and still miss the snow. Heading back next week for a few days to reminisce.

My first winter in

My first winter in Miami. Remembering how beautiful winter can be, frosty mornings, pink sky.

I am sitting in my living

I am sitting in my living room back in Kawana Bay on the south shore.Waving....To the web cam across the lake.It's good to back home,to "MY ONEIDA LAKE".

Wonderful Scenes

What a wonderful and tranquil scene you've chosen for us to view of your home.
Thank you very much for sharing!
TC Blake in N.Carolina

web cam picture

What a Great View. I lived up north for 25 years & your picture looks like it's from a fairy tale. The winter scene is Fantastic!!!!!!! Indeed, Indeed.... A Very Good Job !!!!!!!!!!

Thank you

Thank you! Your comment got me rockin' and a-rollin; rockin' and a-reelin'
Take my hand and click here: http://www.oneidalakeview.com/photo/index.php?album=Oneida+Lake+View+Web...
for an archive of our 2008 Oneida Lake View webcam shots.

Super webcam

Great view of the lake nicely framed by the trees. The fence/railing in the foreground will be really handy to use for a snow gauge. I used to live up in Camden and I would check Dave's camera there quite often but he's stopped running it :(   Can you tell me what town you are in?

Thank You

We are between the village of Cleveland, NY and Bernhards Bay. Check out our About Us link: http://oneidalakeview.com/about
Again, we sincerely appreciate it when people take the time to post their comments and hope that you will participate in our free forums: http://forums.oneidalakeview.com/ Use the "Uncategorized" forum if you cannot find an appropriate category and we'll make a home for it.



Thank You

Thank you for the kind comment, Jim. We appreciate it when people like you take the time to share their thoughts. You may also wish to contribute to our Oneida Lake forums here: http://forums.oneidalakeview.com/
We are experiencing a power outage today, 12 December 2008 and the cam may go off line before dark. We apologize and hope you check back soon.


It looks calm near the shore with some ripples 2-3 hundred feet out. Is that ice?


Yes. The lake has skinned over a little near shore. It is not likely to last as the forecast for Tuesday, December 9, 2008 calls for temps in the 40's.

Nice View

Nice cam.. Its nice to see the snow there... I'm in Buffalo and we have not seen very much YET. Check out my webcam www.MyCamPage.com/RH4210


Thank you for the kind words. Be sure to check out the photo gallery here: http://www.oneidalakeview.com/photo/
and look for the daily image archive to compare the weather from day to day. We also have a link to an interactive snow page here: http://oneidalakeview.com/weather/winter/interactive+snowfall that you can center on your hometown or anywhere in the US.


You must have quite a setup to have such a great picture. Good work. Gianfranco

Do you think the south shore

Do you think the south shore directly across the lake is that calm too? I planned on going out walleye fishing tonight around 10 out in a boat. Thanks

South Shore Conditions

Thank you for the comment. A lot can change in eight hours and the water is cold. The Cornell Webcam is on the south shore. There is a link at the top of this page. The current weather forecast link http://oneidalakeview.com/weather/Cleveland+NY has a link to the hourly forecast which might be of some help.
This would be a great topic for the fishing forum http://forums.oneidalakeview.com/
Registration is free. With your help, we can generate some active participation and have some useful information in time for ice fishing.
Hope we've been of some help and we look forward to hearing from you again.
-Site Admin

Oneida Lake Webcam

I love the web cam! The picture resolution is great and it loads quickly, even with dial-up. Thanks.

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