17 February 2018 Saturday
3:58 PM

Web Cams

These links can also be easily accessed by hovering your mouse over the "Web Cams" item in the menu at the top of the page.

Click Here for the Oneida Lake View Cam

This is our own OneidaLakeView webcam.

Click Here for the Cornell Webcam

This webcam is part of the Oneida Lake Education Initiative and is located at the Cornell Biological Field Station at Shackelton Point on the south shore of Oneida Lake looking north.

Click Here for the Tug Hill Northern-NYS Internets Future Webcam

This one is located just south of Tug Hill in Lewis County, NY

Click Here for the Tug Hill Northern Chateau Webcams

These popular webcams are in Worth, NY on the Tug Hill Plateau. Click here to see the snow depth on this part of the hill.

Very nice view I just found

Very nice view I just found it and put it in my favorites I live just north of Cleveland in the summer and in Fla in winter. look forward to watching the cam
Thanks for putting it up. By the way where is it located? Approx. Phil


Merry Christmas Phil and thanks for checking out the web cam. It is located between Bernhards Bay and Cleveland. Thanks for checking out the forums too; your account has been activated.

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